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The Kaboons for a huge success

Why the Kaboons is the next Billion $ success

Bas Boon son of Kasper: “When my father was reaching his pension age he stopped working as a dean for the university, two years before his pension at age 63. He started his own company and started to develop courses and systems on how you can learn a language. He was passionate about education! My mom and my aunt worked in this company and eventually it grew into a company with over 30 employees after he found the right business partner. During this he had an idea how to teach English expressions by the help of a deck of cards, he called them Kaboons© by Kasper Boon.

Billion $ Franchise Now here is where it is gets interesting, these “Kaboons” have the potential to become a Billion $ franchise. My father developed a card game with his cartoons for learning by idioms. This became a nr 1. success in The Netherlands.

I asked my father to make these cards in the English version. If you can sell 60.000 units in Holland, hey there are bigger markets out there. My vision was bigger, I can see this product turning into the next Beavis and Butthead, Sponge Bob and Square Pants, Angry Birds, Program with the mouse… The selling of over 60.000 “Kaboons” units (card game) in The Netherlands alone proves this idea and the image is a huge success. With the right approach and investments, a television show could be produced with short animated films.

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Background Kasper Boon

Learning English expressions with the Kaboons© by Kasper Boon/Albert Sickler Holding bv. He was born in Amsterdam The Netherlands 1944. After his study (physics) he started at Twente University. His PhD (1974) was focused on the control of muscles. In 1984 he moved to the Dutch Open University. He was Rector of that university from 1990 - 1992. From 1996 till 2005 he worked as full time professor at the Maastricht University. He was Dean of the Department of General Sciences. Furthermore he was director of the Research Institute of Knowledge system. At Baylor University (Texas,USA) he give lectures on Innovation and he received the special Baylor prize: Entrepreneur of the Year. At CRH (Irish multinational, 90.000 employees) first he was responsible for the coordination of innovation in the division Building Accessories. and he was responsible for the e-learning academy in that area. Kasper Boon wrote many books with the pen name Albert Sickler. Addison Wesley Publishing house started many publishing houses in Europe based only on his books. At the start he was the nr. 1 author in the field of games at Addison Wesley.

Together with Hans Schuurmans he started SkillsTown a leading company in the field of e-learning in the Netherlands and Belgium.

In 2020 he started a new company with the site a site with e-learning for the elderly. For this site new e-learning concepts were developed like e-quizlearning and e-reflection-learning.

His focus has always been on education. As a hobby he made simple courses on languages (audio books) and cartoons (Dutch: Kaboontjes/English: Kaboons ®). These Kaboontjes are used in a very successful card game for children (do you know this expression? ). It became a huge success.

For many years he developed educational material for a VMBO in Rotterdam. He experimented with language programs for instance for completely illiterate elder persons. The main scope of recent work is to investigate new ways for implementing learning organizations based on e-learning. Some books had over 100,000 copies.

Examples of textbooks:

- programming with Pascal (released in many languages, Kluwer)

- Computer, information and medicine (SMD)

- Practical statistics (SMD)

- Basic knowledge of computer use (Kluwer)

- The performing organization (co-author, WEKA)

- 21st Century Skills (co-author, Albert Sickler)

- many books with computer games (Addison-Wesley)

In addition, several textbooks were published for HAVO / VWO for physical education (resulting from university research on human muscles).


- Exercise, Sports and Society (Albert Sickler edition) In addition, 2 television programs were created under his leadership:

- Goed Gezond (Good Healthy, AVRO, National TV)

- Lekker leven lekker lijnen (Nice Life Nice Slimming, TROS, national TV) Special activities: - started 'puppet language' (project is now being further developed by SkillsTown with a grant from the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (Royal Dutch Library).

- making cartoons (Kaboontjes: a card game and a gift book with Ingrid Regout)

- developed 'Het Grote Taalspel' (big language game) together with Wim Daniëls.