Why are sayings so hard to learn?

The answer to that question is not that difficult. When we learn a language, we usually start with words and sentences that we can translate. For example, we know that there are objects that are expressed by a noun, for example: house and car and that there are verbs that indicate an action: the car is driving.

The translation in another language of such a sentence is quite apparent. Every method of learning a language starts with the approach of describing situations directly. But sayings are characterized by not taking the words literally. When it comes to typical expressions, the literal translation does not apply. 

But with the Kaboons learning sayings is fun and easy

A game to learn this kind of expressions

In the Netherlands, the card game “Proverbs with Kaboons” has been released with great success.

On one side of each card, we see a picture with a Kaboon. On the other side, we see an expression with a description of the meaning.