Welcome to the tenth lesson of the Kaboons.
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English Learning with Kaboons Cartoons Idioms 10

Kaboons are funny Cartoon characters that will help you improve your English. One of the main problems in mastering the English language is learning typical English expressions.

In our episode nine, we have seen three English expressions with Kaboons Cartoons.

1. To kill two birds with one stone.

2. You cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs.

3. Little pitchers have big ears.

Do you still remember the meanings of these expressions? If you do, you are ready for lesson number ten. As we can see in lesson number one, many expressions are not to be taken literally. They can indicate something else, In this episode, three new examples of Learning Expression with Kaboons Cartoons.

Those who want to learn a language should also pay a lot of attention to the typical expressions. The series “Learn English with the Kaboons” uses a crucial psychological principle: we remember an expression better if we link it to a picture.

Kaboons Cartoons are very successful in the Netherlands over 50.000 card games sold. The learning through these expressions cartoons is not age-restricted.

These YouTube Series idioms will make it easy for anybody to remember typical English expressions. The card game in the Netherlands became very successful because parents and whole families made this form of English learning into a challenging competition.

Kaboons founder Professor Dr. Ing. Kasper Boon has been dedicating his life to education. He was a Decan of the Open University in Maastricht. During this last decade, he was the founder of a company named skills town. This company became the Nbr One E-learning company from the Netherlands.

Kasper Boon is almost 80 and still enjoys helping others develop new fun and effective methods of e-learning. This YouTube series is fun and educational for young and old. It will help you with conversations and become more confident in speaking English.